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Here's what some of our customers
are saying about Zesterra®

Zesterra® Testimonials

So, how many of my barrel racing friends have tried Zesterra®? I LOVE this product and can't say enough good things about it and what it does for my horse. The best part... it's all-natural and my horses actually like it!! I am a firm believer this product had a big part in Junior and I winning the barrel racing NSPRA World Finals title in the 40's division. Not only did we win the World Championship but we also won the Average. Junior improved on every run including clocking his fastest time to date in the Triple C. Big shout out to Kelle Roberts for hooking me with this great product! I can't wait to try the cookies and the lick!!!!

Kim BartonWorld Champion NSPRA Barrel Racer, 2017

I thought I would share this with you. Zesterra saved the day again. A visit to the equine vet gave me bad news about my main heel horse; he said he had 40% torn ligaments on the front so he gave him some reserpine for keeping him calm. When I arrived back home I put him in the stall. Right away he started to roll and act like he was colicking. Which he was! I called the vet who said he was on his way and was 40 minutes away. I then drew 10 cc of Zesterra and gave it to him and walked him around then another 10cc. By the time the vet arrived he and his stomach were calm and he was not trying to fight me to lay down and roll. Even though I have Banamine and could have given that to him I used Zesterra because it’s worked before for me and quickly. GREAT PRODUCT, AGAIN!

Oscar J., Marana, ArizonaZesterra User

We moved our elderly horse from NM to the western edge of the plains in Colorado. Within weeks he was losing his hair and had a ringworm outbreak. He also started to lose weight. A friend recommended we start him on Zesterra and within weeks he had gained back his topline and the ringworm (which was viciously resistant to the topical treatments the vet gave us) finally went away. He's now back his old self and receives the maintenance dose of Zesterra to keep him feeling his best. Thanks so much for such a great product!

Scott E., Denver, ColoradoAmazing product!

I had 2 colic scares this weekend, one horse had no gut sounds & trying to lay down, gave Zesterra and within 20 minutes my horse was alert, had gut sounds & was drinking water! I have used your product when hauling, but to actually see it work with colic I’m truly impressed & a believer! Thank you for a great product!!!!!

Kourtney W., NevadaZesterra User

Let me tell you how Zesterra saved our mare's life.
We have a 7-year-old mare who just had her first colt on May 19th, 2017. The colt had diarrhea right from the beginning. After giving him Zesterra, the problem began to clear up within a short time and after 2 days of using your product, the diarrhea was completely gone.
About 6 weeks later we found the mare on the ground in extreme pain and unable to get up. She had obviously been down for some time and had colic. We got her to her feet, gave her some Zesterra, called our vet, and cooled her down while waiting for him to arrive. She would not eat or drink.
The vet examined her and told us what we already knew – her only chance was to get her in the horse trailer and travel to the nearest surgical facility, approximately 40 miles away. It was his opinion that her gut was twisted because he could not hear any gut sounds.
About this time the mare went down and we could not get her up again. The vet left to go back to his clinic to get her a shot to put her down. While we were waiting for him and watching our mare DIE, my son called a Pro Earth Animal Health staff member and was told what to do to get her up and going. As my son was drenching her with water and Zesterra, she went from lying down and dying to standing up strong!
My son decided to get her in the horse trailer and head to surgery. He literally ran with her to the horse trailer as she trotted behind and went right in. He got the colt in and a friend rode in the trailer to monitor her condition along the way. I have never seen anything like it in my life!
She stayed on her feet the whole way and they got her into surgery and found she had a Lipoma cyst that was strangulating her intestine. She is now 5 weeks out of surgery, doing really well and gets a dose of Zesterra daily.
Now, would Zesterra have cured the cyst? No. But it was the Zesterra that gave her what she needed to get up and go so she could get the lifesaving procedure. Do we have any ill will towards our veterinarian? NO! He gave the correct diagnosis and advice for surgery. However, Zesterra is what saved her life. I was there. I witnessed it and it was incredible!
Just 5 days ago I went out to feed our horses and found that one of them had not eaten his hay from the night before and was not interested in the morning feed. He was just off. I gave him a dose of Zesterra and within 20 minutes he was eating and drinking and back to himself. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all of you at Pro Earth Animal Health for developing and selling this product!

Connie A.Zesterra User

Zesterra has become a vital part to my management protocol that I didn’t even know I needed. I manage and train out of an active facility that has horses with various needs and schedules. When my area representative for Zesterra first approached me about trying the product, I was, admittedly, skeptical. This product sounded too good to be true, but since I trust Brian’s opinions on products, I gave it a go.
My first experience with Zesterra was giving it to one of the mares on my show string right before a massage and magnawave treatment. This mare holds most of her tension in her flank and stifle area, but wouldn’t allow an effective massage in that area. We gave her a dose of Zesterra before beginning the massage and as our masseuse worked her way towards the problem areas, the mare was much more relaxed and actually allowed her to manipulate the stifle area as needed.
Since that first experience, I’ve seen Zesterra help relieve colic symptoms, help breathing/allergy issues, and increasing water in-take. By far, however, I have noticed the biggest change with regular use in my show string. The horses are all so focused in their work and, in general, the barns have become a much quieter environment, and the whole facility feels like it’s taken a breath out.
I’m very thankful for the boost Zesterra gives to my training program!

Megan Compton, TrainerMegan Compton Dressage, Newton, Alabama
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