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CattlActive® Tubs

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CattlActive Lick Tubs

CattlActive®­­­ lick tubs are a convenient and nutritious way for cattle to receive the benefits of CattlActive® on a daily basis. A variety of formulations have been developed to address a wide number of concerns, from regional soil deficiencies to events such as breeding and weaning. Tubs are available in different sizes to accommodate any size of operation.

Why use CattlActive Lick Tubs?

CattlActive® has shown in studies to act as an effective prebiotic and convert lactic acid into easily assimilated, high-energy fats, helping to increase conversions and improve gains. Prebiotics are the foundation for a healthy microbial population and improved digestion and feed conversion.

CattlActive® lick tubs provide not only the benefits of CattlActive® but are also formulated with essential building blocks such as high-quality, bio-available vitamins and minerals. Together, everything blends to create a lick tub that provides the necessary nutrients and support for healthy, thriving cattle. 

CattlActive Tub Formulations

Click on the images below to view the specifications and guaranteed analysis for each tub.

*The following tubs have been IMI Global certified for use in their natural feeding programs: 13% All-Natural Stress, 20% All-Natural Stress, 20% All-Natural, 20% All-Natural with Garlic, Breeder 16-10, CattlActive® 2X Mineral Tub, CattlActive® 17% Stress 2X Tub, CattlActive® 18% TM 1X Tub
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