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Here's what some of our customers
are saying about CattlActive


Here's what some of our customers
are saying about CattlActive®

CattlActive® Testimonials

Burt Reno | Pro Earth Animal Health

We have been using CattlActive® in our cow/calf operation for the past five years. Although I wasn’t quite ready to add another step to my processing regimens, it has proved to be one of the most valuable “go to” products I’ve ever been around. In the spring, I use it to help both calves and cows. Many pairs endure stressful situations while going through the calving season. By simply treating the cows’ water for a few days at the beginning of calving, I am helping to neutralize acid in their rumens and increase their pH, which I believe helps reduce the stress for what is ahead.

I also drench all first calf heifers that require pulling with 20 ml. Occasionally some of these heifers are extremely stressed out and hard to handle. With these, I give them 30 ml as soon as they go into the head catch. To watch those mothers calm down and tend to their babies in only a few minutes is one of the most rewarding feelings I’ve ever experienced. I had to see it to believe it but I know it’s true now.

As calving season rolls on I often times run into calves that could just use a hand up. They may be the ones that are chilled down or lost their mother, maybe the ones that needs some colostrum, or need some electrolytes or both, have developed scours, etc. My new rule of thumb is, “If I have to touch them, they’re going to get it.”. I think CattlActive® should be used along with anything else I give the calf in order to help reduce the animal's stress and to increase its appetite.

I especially want to use it if for any reason I have to give a calf antibiotics. These calves need it the most because they’re already sick and eating less which means they’re not gaining. Let the antibiotic treat the sickness and let CattlActive® help get them back to eating sooner.

Next, we treat all calves with a 5 ml dose at branding. Branding is one of the most stressful days in a calf’s life. So, by drenching them down the throat with CattlActive®, it goes straight to their digestive system and we can help reduce a lot of that stress for them, plus we are washing out any bad bacteria that may also affect performance and recovery from branding. It also seems to me that since we’ve been using it our calves don’t appear to be as slow-moving and sore the day after branding.

In our program, we wean all of our calves in the Fall. We process them on weaning day where they are revaccinated, poured and everyone gets a 10 ml dose of CattlActive®, then they are turned out on grass and supplemented with liquid feed, hay and cake. In the past, I’ve had mixed results as far as health goes while weaning but since adding this drench to our system our sickness and death loss have been reduced dramatically. Before, I was dealing with water bellies, usually 8-10 per year. In the past 5 winters, we average 2-3 per year. If they are drinking more water, it only makes sense that they will keep flushing those stones out.

Our overall doctoring has gone down about 70%. It has definitely proven itself to be cost effective to me. On top of all of this is our increase in performance on sale day. Our yearling steers have been weighing on average 75 pounds more since we started using CattlActive® than they ever did before, and when you add the extra survivors from weaning time to that total number the results are undeniable. We are making more money with CattlActive® than without it. I am proud to tell people about this product.

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