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I started using Cattlactive about 6 years ago. I can honestly say it has helped my cattle operation both as a preventive for sickness and for increases in weight gains. Regardless of what some people might think, this product will work if used properly. As with any new product, some people want a miracle but you have to use common sense. You need good nutrition, good management, a good mineral program and a CattlActive program. If you put all those ingredients together you will receive the best results possible. There will always be challenges in the cattle business. Some things are beyond one’s control, but you can control good common sense, so why not use the best products that are available. Such as good vaccines, dewormers, proper nutrition and CattlActive.  If you don’t believe it works you have never seen a bloated calf or a horse with colic. I have used CattlActive on both to save their lives. I don’t care what other ranchers do or don’t do — it’s their prerogative. That is what is great; being a rancher we can choose what we do on our own operation. But the K J Ranch will use CattlActive as long as I live. I am not a rep or a salesman, just an ol’ rancher trying to make a living in the cattle business and am glad I have this product to use.

Kent J., K J Ranch, Utah, CattlActive User

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Is your vaccination program performing up to your expectations? Stress related cortisol levels could be limiting your success. Use CattlActive today to minimize stress related immune system suppression. Most vaccination programs are 70 to 80% effective at best, let CattlActive improve your cattle's response to their vaccines.

James Davison Ranching, Troy Gray, Matt Zancanella, Colby Gines, Shane Burris
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Today is our last day in Vegas. That means the time is running out on the NFR SPECIALS. Come by our booths at South Point under the 300 sign or Sands Expo #1470 or the All in Barrel Race at The Orleans the 2nd booth inside the gate. Get your NFR special pricing.

If your not in Vegas, call the office tomorrow. These specials will end at 4:30 PM Central time Monday December 18th.
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