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80% of a cow's immune
system is based in the rumen

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Bovine Digestion & Appetite

When it comes to your herd health, bovine digestion and appetite are among the most essential elements to take into consideration. Cows that lack adequate feed intake or have digestive challenges are prone to infection and disease. To ensure the wellbeing of your cattle, it’s important to understand why they may not be eating, as well as how to prevent digestion and appetite issues in your cattle.

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Understanding Bovine Digestion and Appetite

Digestive issues are not uncommon among cattle due to the complex configuration of cows’ digestive systems — after all, they do have four stomachs. It all comes down to ensuring your cattle’s digestive systems are populated with large amounts of healthy bacteria to keep their feed and water consumption and nutrient absorption at optimum levels and prevent the onset of diseases and infections.

Why Are My Cattle Not Eating?

A loss of appetite in cattle can stem from numerous reasons, including:

  • Stress: Stress disrupts the pH of the rumen, which can lead to decreased feed intake.
  • Infection: If you notice your cattle are not eating, they may have a disease or virus.
  • Rotten Feed: Cattle will not eat feed that has gone bad — make sure your feed is fresh daily.
  • Poor Living Conditions: Foul living conditions can cause stress, leading to inappetance.

In addition to the prevention strategies mentioned below, it’s important to ensure your cattle have access to good feed, clean living spaces and stress-free environments.

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How to Prevent Digestion and Appetite Issues in Cattle

You can prevent digestion and appetite issues in cattle in four ways:

  • Vaccines: A lost appetite in cattle is a common sign of infection. You can vaccinate your herd against disease to build their immunity and prevent future digestion and appetite issues.
  • Monitor Health: Keeping a close eye on your herd’s health will help identify the animals that are struggling. The sooner you notice a problem, the sooner you can fix it.
  • Proactive Supplements: Feeding your cattle certain products that enhance healthy digestive bacteria is an excellent prevention strategy.
  • Clean Water: Clean, pure and fresh water is essential to your herd’s gut and digestive health. If you notice your cattle are not drinking, it may explain why they’re not eating.

How Our Products Can Help

CattlActive® is a supplement aimed at keeping your cattle’s digestive system functioning to the highest degree. Our all-natural formula helps healthy bacteria in the rumen flourish while also encouraging a stable appetite.

CattlActive® serves as a stabilizing agent for when cows encounter stressful situations. By neutralizing the acidity in the rumen and restoring healthy pH levels, CattlActive® decreases the likelihood of your cattle developing prolonged stress-related health issues such as a lost appetite, disease and infection.

Our products are useful for anyone who owns or works with cattle. If you have additional questions about how CattlActive® can help your herd health, contact us today!

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