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Hoof Health — More Than Meets the Eye

If your horse has "good feet", it's easy to overlook potential issues when they start to develop. If you have struggled with any sort of hoof issue then you already know how much time and [...]

Keeping Your Horse Hydrated on the Road

One of the biggest challenges you may face is keeping your horse hydrated while traveling. Horses can become dehydrated fairly quickly and this is doubly true during hot weather. The average horse (around 1,200 lbs) [...]

Mineral Supplementation: A Summer Essential

It's hot. Your cattle sweat. They need to consume more water. Because of this, they also need to be receiving adequate mineral supplementation to maintain proper balances to thrive. Minerals provide a wide array of [...]

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Foal Diarrhea 101: Signs and Symptoms

Foal diarrhea can be a difficult health issue to pinpoint and treat. By learning to recognize the symptoms of this condition, you are one step closer to untangling the causes and determining how to best [...]

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