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C-Smack All-Natural Supplement for Show Animals

Change is stressful for people and animals. From traveling to new environments to changes in feeding schedules, show stock experience a great deal of stress when they leave familiar surroundings. If you haul your cattle, pigs, sheep and goats any distance, you’ll appreciate the effectiveness of all-natural C-Smack for all types of show animals.

Stress can be a major source of concern while traveling with show stock. It reduces appetite, a very common occurrence when hauling animals to shows. This decrease in appetite can result in a loss of bloom. The Pro Earth team is committed to animal health and we know how important it is to keep your show animals in top shape. C-Smack is an effective product with noticeable results, so you can ensure each transition is as easy as possible for your animals.

What is C-Smack?

C-Smack is an all-natural supplement for show animals designed by fellow show stock owners. When you haul animals and house them in new environments, they are exposed to a wide variety of unique stressors. C-Smack helps address the unique nutritional needs of show animals naturally with its carefully formulated blend of essential nutrients and minerals plus the added benefits of CattlActive® created by our team at Pro Earth Animal Health.

C-Smack contains a variety of recognizable, natural ingredients, including soybean oil, molasses, corn oil, glycerin, onion extract, orange peel bitters, guar gum and more.

Benefits of C-Smack

C-Smack is a cost-effective natural supplement that can produce noticeable improvements in your show stock and help decrease the need for costly veterinary treatments and medications. Using this all-natural product can provide your show animals with a variety of benefits, including:

  • Improved vitamin and mineral absorption: C-Smack supports the growth of healthy gut microbes in your show animals. This enhances digestion by improving your animal’s ability to digest and absorb vital nutrients, including vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy and strong.
  • Maximize feed conversion: You always want your animals to consume adequate levels of feed and water to feel their best. This is especially important when showing so that they look great in the ring. Decreased consumption can result in big weight losses over a short period of time. C-Smack can increase the production of healthy gut flora and naturally stimulate the appetite, helping improve consumption in your show stock.
  • Boost immunity: When your show animals feel stressed, they are more susceptible to illness. Plus, any time you take your animals away from home, they are exposed to outside pathogens and illnesses. C-Smack can help create a strong immune system by supporting the beneficial microbes that keep your animals healthy and able to fight off illness.
  • Maintain appetite: Stress can diminish the appetite, making it difficult for cattle to maintain the feed intake and hydration needed for freshness and bloom on your show animals.

Why Use C-Smack?

Show stock owners need to ensure their cattle, pigs, sheep, and goats remain well-fed, healthy, and strong, even in unfamiliar environments. Unfortunately, just like humans, show stock reacts differently to change and stressful situations. Your show animals tend to be exposed to a much wider variety of stressors than average livestock. These stressors include things such as:

  • Extended travel
  • Modified feeding schedules
  • Heat
  • Grooming
  • Handling
  • Unfamiliar environments
  • New water sources

A major aspect of showing successfully is to minimize the stress on your animals to keep them as stress-free and comfortable as possible. C-Smack was formulated to help support your show stock experience by supporting microbial populations in the digestive tract, in turn maximizing feed conversion on higher starch diets and improving vitamin and mineral absorption.

Start reaping the benefits of C-Smack today! If you’re planning to take your stock on the road, C-Smack can help minimize the impact of each new environment.

How To Use C-Smack

C-Smack can be added to rations or fed by hand. Its granular formula makes it easy to mix into any feed. C-Smack can be used in conjunction with CattlActive® drench and is safe for animals of all ages.

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