CattlActive is a powerful, all natural antibacterial drench that has been formulated to help increase appetite and water consumption. This all-natural cleanse helps sustain cattle struggling with digestive ailments or loss of appetite due to stress or disease for only $1.86 per dose.

Why CattlActive?

  • Increases feed conversion
  • Gives calves an appetite which reduces sickness and increases weight gain
  • Reduces stress in calves during initial vaccinations, branding, and weaning
  • Reduces vet bills when used as a preventive measure
  • Supports a healthy immune system while restoring the overall health of a herd
  • Decreases chance of dehydration during times of stress
  • Prevents rumen acidosis
  • Combats digestive problems and is proven to help cattle efficiently regulate their feed intake
  • Zero meat and milk withdrawal times
  • A low-cost, standalone defense against disease used adjunct to traditional methods

How Does CattlActive Work?

The ingredients in CattlActive help maintain a balanced pH level in the rumen that encourages healthy digestion. This improved digestion in the rumen allows cattle to absorb their feed more efficiently. Efficient feed and water intake promote healthier cattle and increase profits.


Corn oil, guar gum, orange extract, onion extract, soybean oil, glycerine, vegetable-based fatty acids, water

Recommended Use


  • Dilute 1ML of CattlActive per gallon of water
  • Administer 5ML when branding and/or administering initial vaccines
  • Administer 10ML when weaning in order to give calves an appetite
  • Inject into water tanks during the first 7 days to keep infectious bacteria from spreading
  • Administer as an additive when antibiotics are being used
  • For best results, administer to cattle on an empty stomach

Please Note:
CattlActive is not intended to replace traditional methods intended to treat sick animals. CattlActive is proven to be an excellent preventive, reducing the number of sick cattle, and helping to increase the overall health of a herd.