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What is CattlActive® RA?

CattlActive RA, available in pellets or granules, is a specially formulated feed additive. Used in conjunction with the CattlActive drench, it works to provide daily rumen health maintenance. It can be mixed into rations or top-dressed, making it convenient for every operation, whether feeding 100 head or 100,000.

Why use CattlActive RA?

In fermenter studies at Southern Illinois University. CattlActive RA was proven to increase butyrate production by 11% and organic matter conversion by 6%. Increased butyrate is important to restore & maintain rumen health in stressful situations.

In field trials on 340 lb high-risk calves, CA RA was proven to improve conversion by 10%.

These are the reasons producers are seeing the benefits of daily rumen health maintenance.

RA Economics

CattlActive RA is a convenient way to continue the benefits of CattlActive drench once cattle begin eating. It supports ongoing rumen health to ensure optimum absorption and gain. Outlined below are the average costs for including RA in a daily feeding regimen.

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