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Broodmares and Stallions Care Guidelines

While Broodmares and stallions differ in gender, they both require the same essential elements to live happy and productive lives: healthy appetites and strong digestive systems. That’s why it’s important to know how to prevent the ravages of excess stomach acid that can diminish broodmares and stallions quality of life and well-being. Keep reading to learn why Zesterra® is the leading gut health prevention product for equine health and how it can help horses regain their appetite.

How Zesterra® Can Help Ensure Broodmare and Stallion Health

Horses are sensitive and intelligent animals. Prone to stress-related problems, such as ulcers, acidosis, fatigue and lack of appetite, broodmares and stallions require special care when it comes to protecting their stomachs. Zesterra® offers an all-natural formula that increases pH and prevents the progression of problems like ulcers. If used as directed, it has been proven to provide a balanced environment that will allow existing ulcers to heal on their own.

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How Zesterra® Alleviates and Prevents Hard Keepers

Our product helps to increase feed utilization via efficient nutrient absorption. Whether your horse is old or a hard keeper, struggling with dental or digest problems or is showing signs of a decreased appetite due to injury, stress or ulcers, Zesterra® helps through neutralizing excess stomach acid and supporting and increasing the beneficial gut microbes that help break down and absorb nutrients. Be on the lookout for some of the following health issues facing broodmares and stallions:

  • Gastric Ulcers: Ulcers are a result of excess acid eroding the lining in the gut and can lead to great discomfort in any horse. Zesterra® works to neutralize this acid, healing existing ulcers and reducing the possibility of new ones developing.
  • Hindgut Acidosis: Horses struggle with digesting larger grain meals. To prevent fermented grain from causing acidosis, choose a processed and easy-to-digest grain or feed it in multiple feedings rather than one or two larger ones.
  • Gut Microbiome: The gut microbiome is essential to a horse’s overall health. Zesterra® acts as a prebiotic, supporting the beneficial bacteria that populate the gut. Enhanced gut health leads to greater absorption and digestion rates, which leads to healthier horses.
  • Poor Dental Care: A potential reason your hard keeper isn’t eating is tooth pain. Broodmares and stallions should have regular dental checkups to ensure comfortable chewing.
  • Colic in Traveling Horses: Inadequate water intake is a common problem for horses that travel or train extensively. Colic is often associated with a lower water intake, which can lead to intestinal impactions and death. Zesterra® encourages water consumption and works to negate worsening health conditions for your horse.
  • Gut Parasites: A parasite-riddled gut makes it hard for broodmares and stallions to absorb nutrients from their food. In addition to combatting parasites through deworming, incorporating Zesterra® into your horse’s diet will help foster flourishing benficial gut flora.
  • Environmental Factors: Aside from health factors, there are environmental elements that may be causing your horse’s lack of apatite. Aggressive stablemates, a small housing area and unsanitary conditions can all lead to stress for your broodmares and stallions. Your horse may simply need a change in environment to regain their healthy eating habits.

Why Choose Pro Earth Animal Health

Our proprietary product, Zesterra®, will help your broodmares and stallions cultivate the healthiest, most nutrient-absorbent gut conditions. If you have any questions, contact us today!

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