Show stock are put under a great deal of stress. From modified feeding schedules to traveling to new environments, they are exposed to a much wider range of stressors than the average animal. C-Smack helps combat these stresses with a unique blend of nutrients including essential minerals and the added benefits of CattlActive® by Pro Earth Animal Health.

C-Smack is available in a handy 2-lb (905 gm) container for portability and to help ensure product freshness.

Feeding Instructions

Feed 1 gm/100 lbs body weight daily.


Calcium carbonate, dried distillers grains, wheat mids, rice meal, CattlActive (glycerin, corn oil, guar gum, onion extract, orange peel extract, soybean oil, sodium bentonite, molasses, vitamin B12

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      Additional information

      Weight 36 oz
      Dimensions 3 × 3 × 5 in