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Zesterra is safe for all classes of horses and foals. Below are general dosing guidelines; you may need to adjust this according to your horse’s unique needs.


  • Horses with Active Ulcers or Symptoms: Give 1ml per 100 lbs of body weight orally
    in the AM and PM for 14 days and then reduce to 1ml/100 lbs once a day for 14 Days.
    Move to a .5ml/100 lbs daily maintenance thereafter. When these horses come under
    stress use 1ml/100 lbs prior to the event (riding, hauling, weather change,
    environment change).
  • Older Horses/Hard Keepers: Give 1ml/100 lbs orally for 10 days followed by
    0.5ml/100 lbs daily until desired weight is achieved. Once desired weight is achieved,
    give 1ml/100 lbs two to three times per week to maintain results.
  • Ulcer Prone Horses/Horses in Rigorous Training: Follow the same protocol as
    outlined above for Horses with Active Ulcers.
  • Respiratory Infections/Shipping Fever: Give 1ml/100 lbs orally daily until symptoms
    (cough, fever) subside. If antibiotics are prescribed, a daily dose of 1ml/100 lbs should
    be used for at least 10 days past the last dose of antibiotics.
  • Environmental Stress (Extreme Heat, Cold or Disease Outbreak): Give 1ml/100 lbs
    orally prior to changes in weather or disease outbreak.
  • Colic: Give 30ml – 50ml orally at the onset of colic. You may use up to 100mls. Please
    contact your veterinarian if colic persists.
  • Hauling: All horses should receive 1ml/100 lbs orally the day before leaving and every
    day while away from home.

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