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Foal Diarrhea

Here at Pride Farms, our horses are our first priority. Here is how we use Zesterra to keep our horses looking and feeling their best, from newborns to seniors.


For breeding stallions, it is important for them to be in the best health possible, prior, during and after breeding season.  Breeding season requires a lot of a stallion. They must have the ability to properly assimilate nutrients for high-quality semen. A stallion with a large book of mares is under a lot of stress daily but especially on collection day.  To help our stallions thrive and handle the stress, we use a 10ml dose daily.  On collection days we administer our dose about 15 minutes before collection.   This keeps the stallions looking and feeling good and they are eager to go work even late into the breeding season.

To help our stallions thrive and handle the stress, we use a 10ml dose daily.  On collection days we administer our dose about 15 minutes before collection. This keeps the stallions looking and feeling their best and they are ready and willing to work, even in the later parts of the breeding season.


Did you know that foals are very prone to ulcers beginning at just hours old?  The stress of birth and those first experiences with handling (no matter how careful) can cause a foal to develop ulcers.
At Pride Farms, we give all of our foals a 3ml dose of Zesterra at 3 days old.  We like to wait until their stomach lining is sealed and they have absorbed all of the colostrum.  Most of our mares we have owned for a long time and know when their foal heat (anywhere from 5-12 days) will occur.  We begin administering a 10ml dose to the mares 24 hours prior to foal heat, and at this time we dose the foal with 5ml.  Dosing this way has almost entirely eliminated the development of foal heat diarrhea in our foals.


Weaning is a very stressful time for both the mare and foal.  This is a critical time in a foal’s development, both physically and mentally.  They can easily develop ulcers after experiencing just a few hours of stress due to weaning.  It is important that foals begin to consume feed very soon after pulling the mare to prevent an overabundance of acid from damaging the stomach (and leading to ulcers).
Our weaning process takes some preparation but the results are undeniable!!  We pen the mares and babies in groups of 10.  They are placed in an area with a single twater source.  We then add 1ml of Zesterra per gallon of water.  We begin this routine about 10 days prior to separation.   When weaning day arrives, we pull mares and dose them with 10ml of Zesterra and turn them back out.  We do not handle our babies for a period of time after this (it helps minimize stress), therefore, the Zesterra is just kept in their water source.  We’ve found the foals stress very minimally and will go right to their feed bunks and never slow down on their consumption!