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The Pro Earth Difference

Every member of the Pro Earth team has a vested interest in animal health. As horse and cattle owners, we know first-hand the importance of keeping your animals healthy, whether you’re competing in the arena or producing pounds in the feedlot. This is your primary goal and it’s ours, too. That is why we are committed to bringing you affordable, effective, all-natural products that deliver reliable, noticeable results. 

Horses are intelligent, sensitive animals. This makes them more prone to stress-related issues, such as ulcers. Zesterra is designed to protect the stomach and combat the acid fluctuations that can occur with stress while helping maintain an optimal pH.

A cow’s ability to grow and thrive depends on ruminal health. 80% of a cow’s immune system is based in the gut making ruminal health a top priority. It is essential to protect and balance the rumen to create an ideal environment for the micro-flora essential for
proper gut function.