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What people are saying about Zesterra

“Clyde”, heel horse and happy Zesterra horse. 

“I thought I would share this with you. Zesterra saved the day again. A visit to the equine vet gave me bad news about my main heel horse; he said he had 40% torn ligaments on the front so he gave him some reserpine hfor keeping him calm. When I arrived back home I put him in the stall. Right away he started to roll and act like he was colicking. Which he was! I called the vet who said he was on his way and was 40 minutes away. I then drew 10 cc of Zesterra and gave it to him and walked him around then another 10cc. By the time the vet arrived he and his stomach were calm and he was not trying to fight me to lay down and roll. Even though I have Banamine and could have given that to him I used Zesterra because it’s worked before for me and quickly. GREAT PRODUCT, AGAIN!”

Oscar J., Marana, Arizona