Reducing Stress at Weaning Means More $$$ In Your Pocket

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Here's How CattlActive Helps You 

Calves can lose 6 to 10 days of production at the stressful times of branding, preconditioning, and weaning.

Stress effects the rumen lining. The rumen lining becomes compromised, allowing dangerous digestive bacteria to infect your calf’s body. This causes ‘shipping fever.’

Your calves may go back to eating right away but they don't gain weight until the rumen lining has been repaired. This compromises your calf's health and the effectiveness of your vaccinations.

You can lose up to 20 days of production during these times. Even just estimating 2 lbs/day (on the low side) this adds up to 40 lbs of lost production.

Your calves are making a significant financial impact on your herd at the end of the year.

CattlActive decreases the bad bacteria and corrects the pH level in a calf's rumen. This optimizes your calf's production. For an investment of only $4.65/calf, you can get as much as an $80 return from increased weight to sell and reduce medicine costs.

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What Other People Say About CattlActive


We have been using CattlActive in our cow/calf operation for the past five years. Although I wasn't quite ready to add another step to my processing regiments, it has proved to be one of the most valuable "go to" products I've ever been around.

If I have to touch a calf, they get a dose. It has proven to be the best investment for my dollar. Our yearling steers have been weighing on average 75 pounds more since CattlActive than they ever did before, and when you add the extra survivors from weaning time to that total number the results are undeniable. We are making more money with CattlActive than without it. I am proud to tell people about this product.

Burt Reno WY

*Only for new customers