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As feeders and preconditioners, we know that keeping those cattle eating and drinking are the keys to our success.  We also know that stress and high cortisol levels are our enemies. Stress and high cortisol levels put those cattle into acidosis which then sets off the downward spiral. If they weren’t sick to begin with, there is a good chance we will be fighting it now.

We can show, that by using CattlActive, we can raise the pH in the rumen by 9 nmols and lower rumen temperature by up to 6 deg Fahrenheit in 15 minutes. By raising the pH we can neutralize the acid in the rumen and get that animal out of acidosis and get back to Digestive Integrity in a much shorter time period which gets those cattle back to eating and drinking.

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We have Jr Dees in the Pro Earth Animal Health booth at the Southpoint right under the 300 aisle !! Stop by and say hello !

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Acidosis is the key and cause of many cattle health problems. CattlActive is your go to for fighting SARA in your cattle. If your in Vegas, come see us at the South Point #300 or at the Sands #1470 to discuss how and why CattlActive should be added to your toolbox. ... See MoreSee Less

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