80% of a cow's immune
system is based in the rumen

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CattlActive® Frequently Asked Questions

Are you interested in learning more about CattlActive®? Here’s a good place to start. We’ve provided detailed answers to many of the commonly asked questions about this product.

What Is CattlActive®?

CattlActive® is an all-natural supplement for cattle. It neutralizes the rumen’s acid and allows beneficial bacteria to multiply. CattlActive® was created for producers, pre-conditioners, feedlot operators and dairymen who need to improve or maintain their cattle’s gut health and immunity. With CattlActive®, you can easily boost the effectiveness of vaccinations, promote better weight gain and prevent acidosis.

What Does CattlActive® Contain?

This unique cattle supplement contains corn oil, soybean oil, glycerin, mineral water, orange peel extract, guar gum, onion extract, vegetable-based fatty acids.

How Does CattlActive® Work?

CattlActive® works by reducing rumen acidity and supports the growth of healthy microbes in the rumen. This supplement helps balance the rumen pH so that the microbes can flourish during times of stress. CattlActive® is a fast-acting prebiotic, and it will provide noticeable changes in the rumen temperature shortly after you give it orally to your cow.

Why Should I Give My Cows CattlActive®?

CattlActive® will boost your bottom line whether you’re a producer, pre-conditioner, or dairyman. This supplement will help you meet your consumers’ demand for healthy and well-nourished cattle, and it presents the following benefits:

  • Prevents acidosis: CattlActive® immediately reduces pH in the rumen of a calf or cow.
  • Provides relief from stress: Stabilizing pH in the rumen helps reduce the effects of all types of stress, including heat stress. With increased gut health and reduced ruminal acid, the cow can recover more quickly after a stressful event.
  • Improves nutrient absorption: The increase of healthy rumen bacteria supports better nutrient absorption. It also reduces inflammation and helps prevent leaky gut syndrome.
  • Achieves weight goals: Meeting weight goals is vital for most cattle producers, and CattlActive® makes it easier and faster.
  • Boosts immunity: As the beneficial microbes in the rumen increase, they prevent the growth and spread of harmful bacteria such as Clostridium, E. Coli and Salmonella.

How Often Should I Give My Cows CattlActive®?

Give your calves or cows CattlActive® immediately after birth, during branding and at the pre-weaning stage. It can also be added to their feed rations with our CattlActive® RA or lick tub products. An oral drench dose is recommended for each cow orally during re-vaccination, processing or when the animal is sick. CattlActive® doesn’t interfere with any antibiotic, parasiticide or dewormer.

What Is the Recommended Quantity Per Cow?

The amount recommended varies on the size and condition of the animal. For more information on our recommended use for each category, please see our Cow-Calf Sheet.

Does CattlActive® Have Any Side Effects?

CattlActive® doesn’t have any known side effects. It’s an all-natural supplement with ingredients that are well tolerated by cattle of all ages. With its quick action on the rumen, it makes it easy to observe the effect on the calf or cow in a short period of time. Most calves will improve their eating and drinking within a few hours of consuming CattlActive®.

Where can I find CattlActive® Near Me?

Please fill out the form on this page to have someone contact you or visit our store finder here.

Do You Have More Questions About CattlActive®?

For additional information about this product, visit the product page. You’ll get more details about CattlActive® there. Have a general question about this supplement? Visit our contact page, and a member of our team will give you a quick response.

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